Oct 16

Dr. S and the Escape Attempt

An attempted escape from Boone County, assisted by a “Dr. S.” is revealed in the news. Baton Rouge Journal, Baton Rouge, LA; 16 October 1841

Nov 17

FLEMING: Slave escapes, conductor caught.

One enslaved person assisted to freedom by conductor named Thompson. Thompson was caught and tried. Signal of Liberty, Ann Arbor, Mi; 17 Nov 1841

Jan 01

Lloyd Graves

Lloyd Graves, born in Boone County in 1824, ran at age 18, for fear of being sold. Escaped on the UGRR to Ontario, and lived to be over 100 years old. Brandon Daily Sun; Brandon, Manitoba; 4 Mar 1927

Feb 17

CAMPBELL: Seven freedom seekers reach Canada.

Seven freedom seekers, five women and two men, escaped from the Taylor family of Newport. The three women were “genteel waiting maids” held in special regard by Mrs. Taylor. $700 reward offered. The group made it to Canada. National Anti-Slavery Standard, February 17, 1842

May 12

MASON: Ad for seven freedom-seekers.

Mr. Lee of Maysville, KY, advertised the loss of seven enslaved people, among them was “Fanny, the mother of the four children is about 25 years of age, white as most white women, straight light hair” Vermont Phoenix, Brattleboro, Vt., May 12, 1843

May 12

HARRISON: Ad for seven runaway slaves.

Mr. Lee, advertisement for seven runaway slaves. One is described: “Fanny the mother of the four children is about 25 years of age, white as most white women, straight light hair” Vermont Phoenix, 12 May 1843

Dec 03

Escape of Nelson

Nelson, 40 yrs old, described as “6 ft. in height, well-proportioned and a little bald; handy with tools and very sprightly” escaped from Reuben Sebree of Petersburg. Indiana Whig, Lawrenceburg, In; 4 Jan 1844

Jan 01

The Escape of John “Felix” White

John “Felix” White escaped from a farm in Burlington, Kentucky and ultimately obtained his freedom.

Mar 27

Sale and Escape of George Washington

George Washington escaped from bondage in the Deep South. He was taken for sale by Mr. Gaines, a slave trader from Boone County, where George Washington was raised. Mississippi Free Trader Natches, Miss; 27 Mar 1844

Aug 10

GRANT: Reward ad for Nelly.

$20 reward offered for woman named Nelly, ran from Downingsville, J.H. Downing hired her from B.F. Fugate, admr. Of H. Maddoe, deceased. Licking Register, Covington, Ky; 10 Aug 1844

Dec 17

MASON: Violence after slaves’ capture.

Several freedom seekers owned by Col. Edward Towers, were hidden in the homes of Robert Miller and Absolom King in the Red Oak Settlement. Two were discovered in Miller’s house and he (Miller) was stabbed to death. At King’s house, a fight ensued. Col Tower’s son was killed, then King was shot . Sheriff arrived, stopped the violence. Days later, Kentuckians returned and burned abolitionists’ houses and hanged a freedom seeker. Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan; 17 Dec 1844, Tue, Page 2

Jan 01

Robert Nelson Escape

Independent escape of Robert Nelson from Boone County. Was to be sold to pay debts of slaveholder; ran to Canada. Later purchased the freedom of his wife, who belonged to another slaveholder, for $400. Narrative of Robert Nelson; The Northside View of Slavery; Benjamin Drew, 1856

Jan 01

One Man, Two Escapes

Article in 1861 with recollection of the 1845 escape of a man from Boone County to Cincinnati who was captured, placed on the ferry back to Kentucky, but he jumped overboard and escaped again. Baton Rouge Journal, Baton Rouge, La; 16 Oct 1861

Sep 13

George Marshall Escape

George, 16 yrs of age, escaped from the heirs of Alexander Marshall from near Union (Frogtown area) ; possibly aided in escape. Licking Valley Register, Covington, Ky; 13 Sept, 1845

Jan 31

KENTON: Reward ad for 2 freedom seekers.

January, 1846- $400 Reward ad by slaveholder Geo. R. Kenner, Covington- two men, Jim- 24 yrs old, 6′ tall, light; William- house servant and coachman, very light mulatto, 5’6″, slender, 30 yrs, Licking Valley Register; Covington, KY; 31 Jan 1846; pp 2 col 7

May 09

Man Evades Murder

A man enslaved by “Mr. Price” in Boone County fled after being accused of killing another enslaved man with a board. Licking Valley Register, Covington, KY; 9 May 1846

Jun 26

Sold South!

June 1846- George and Edmund, both purchased from G.W. Brasher, (of Boone County), ran away from slaveholder Stephen Tickell of Wilkinson County, MS. The slaveholder believed that they may try to make their way back to Kentucky. Brasher National Aegis, Worcester, MA; 26 June, 1846

Jul 04

GRANT: “Ned” caught, arrested.

19 April, 1846- “Ned” enslaved man from Louisville belonging to John Delph caught in Grant County, held at jail. Licking Valley Register; Covington, KY; 4 July 1846; p 3 col 6

Jan 01

CARROLL: Recapture attempt.

Adam and Sarah Crosswhite and four children escaped from Carroll County slaveholder Francis Giltner. In 1847, Giltner and Francis Troutman went to Marshall, MI, where the Crosswhites were living, to recapture them. This was considered a part of the 1847 “Kentucky Raids.” The Crosswhites were able to escape to Canada, and Giltner took up the matter in the courts. Source:

Jan 01

TRIMBLE: Family escape.

Caroline and her children–Frances, 12, John, 7, Amanda, 4, and Henry, 2–escaped from slaveholder George Ray. The family was captured, in Indiana, but rescued by abolitionist farmer Luther Donnell. nkyviews. com/trimble/text/caroline.html

Apr 01

Jane Stephens Escape Attempt

Laura Smith Haviland attempted to help enslaved African American John “Felix” White’s wife, Jane Stephens, and their children escape from the Stephens’ farm in Rabbit Hash area.

Apr 24

First of Two Group Escapes

CASS COUNTY- Enslaved people from slaveholders in Boone County and Kenton County (Buckner, Graves, Cleveland, Lindsay, Stephens, Sanford, Scott, Timberlake) escaped in two groups. The first was about 22 people on 24 April 1847. The Underground Railroad in Michigan, by Carol E. Mull; Licking Valley Register, Covington, Ky; 26 April 1847; Debian Marty, Associate Professor, California State University, Monterey Bay

May 01

Second of Two Group Escapes

CASS COUNTY- The second group of 12-13 was in early May, 1847. An organized effort was made to retrieve them by a large group of slaveholders and slavehunters who raided several sites in Michigan and Indiana. Some were captured, but, like in the Norris case, many citizens intervened and the enslaved people escaped. Lawsuits were brought and the slaveholders were awarded settlements. The Underground Railroad in Michigan, by Carol E. Mull; Licking Valley Register, Covington, Ky; 26 April 1847; Debian Marty, Associate Professor, California State University, Monterey Bay

Oct 01

David and Lucy Powell

David and Lucy Powell and their 4 children escaped in October, 1847 from John Norris in Petersburg. In 1849, Norris and several others made an attempt to recapture them in Cassopolis, MI, but were stopped in South Bend, IN with a writ of habeas corpus. The Powells slipped away. Norris successfully sued the men who helped derail his efforts for the value of the lost enslaved people. He was awarded more than $2800 in this well-covered case. The South Bend Fugitive Case: Involving the Right to a Writ of Habeas Corpus published by the Anti-slavery Office, 1851; Vermont Watchman, Montpelier,..Read More

Jul 07

CAMPBELL: Five slaves escape.

Newport, five enslaved escape from Campbell county, no names given; slaveholders chased and pressed charges on 15 UGRR agents; warrant issued in Warren County, OH; Anti-Slavery Bugle 7 July 1848

Aug 11

MASON: Mass escape.

15 or 20 freedom seekers from Mason Co. escaped from slaveholders Greathouse, Gorsuch and others. Six of the group crossed at Ripley. Conductors were captured, one white and one FPOC, from Cincinnati. **Occurred on same night as large group from Harrison was being pursued and engaged in Bracken Co. 11 Aug 1848, Covington Journal

Aug 25

HARRISON: Mass escape.

8 Aug 1848: slaveholders: P. Wherritt, G. Remington, Benson Roberts, W. G. Hedges, John Righter; escape of 40+ enslaved, armed, mention of abolitionists helping, one white man killed in attempting capture, mob gathered in Bracken; 25 Aug 1848 Frederick Douglass’ Papers

Dec 08

Sold South!

27 Nov 1848- Freedom Seeker Alfred is caught and lodged in the Claiborne County (MS) jail by William H. Jacobs, Esq. Alfred named his slaveholder as George Brasher of Boone County, KY. His escape was made from an overseer named Henry Trisler on Black River. Port Gibson Herald, Port Gibson, MS; 8 Dec 1848

Dec 27

MASON: Two slaves escape.

December 16th, two enslaved people (one male, one female) made their escape from slaveholder Mrs. Goddard in Maysville. Louisville Daily Courier, Louisville, KY, Dec. 27, 1848

Jan 01

Mary Ann French

Mary Ann French, owned by Henry Bannister who owned a hotel in Union, KY, earned money to buy her freedom, then “stole” her four children. Article states she returned to work for Bannister after the war after living in Detroit for 20 years. Detroit Free Press. 10 May 1869

Jan 01

Family Escape

A man, woman and child escape from Wilson Harper of Boone County. The enslaved man was the son of a free man in Cincinnati named Keyte (Kite). Harper agreed to sell the family to Keyte, with his property in Cincinnati as collateral. A case was brought before the courts when the mortgage was due yet unpaid, in 1851. Harper was ultimately awarded the property and the enslaved people remained free. The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)· Thu, Aug 7, 1851; The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee) · Sat, Aug 16, 1851

Aug 01

KENTON: Henry Young escapes.

Henry H. Young, b. 25 November, 1835, Mason County, Ky, slaveholder Mary Green. Moved to Covington, Ky, escaped in Aug 1849 to Cincinnati at age 14 yrs. Meandering path to freedom, he moved through the UGRR in Ohio and Indiana, living in several communities along the way; eventually went to Canada. Mentions mother was left behind, poss. with the Green family. Wilbur H Siebert Collection, Ohio, Hamilton County, Ohio History Connection

Sep 10

MASON: Escape attempt across river.

Eight enslaved people attempted to cross “below Maysville” 10 Sept, 1849. Skiff capsized, 4 drowned, four caught, enslaved conductor flogged- 39 lashes. Lower Sandusky freeman., Fremont, Ohio; September 29, 1849, Image 1

Jan 01

OWEN: “Fugitive” listed on census.

One enslaved man, age 20, (mulatto) listed as “fugitive from the state.” Slaveholder is Erastus Bainbridge, District 1 Owen County, KY. 1850 U.S. Federal Census – Slave Schedules [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.

Jan 01

OWEN: Boy listed as “fugitive.”

One enslaved boy, age 9, listed as “fugitive from the state.” Slaveholder is John Glass, District 2, Owen County, KY. 1850 U.S. Federal Census – Slave Schedules [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004.