Escapes: Harrison and Pendleton Counties


Jan 01

PENDLETON: Alice and children escape.

A woman named Alice, with her son and daughter, escaped from Daniel Stringer of Pendleton County. Stringer believed that they had been “stolen” by another freedom seeker, Sam, who was enslaved by Elijah Tucker (also Pendlton Co.) Hudson, J. Blaine (2002) Fugitive Slaves and The Underground Railroad in the Kentucky Borderland. Jefferson, North Carolina. MacFarland and Company, Inc.

Nov 24

PENDLETON: Artful Billy!

Slaveholder Francis Flournoy, near the forks of Licking, offered a $20 reward for the return of Billy, 37 or 38 years old. It is suspected that he may change his appearance and clothing, as he is described as “artful and cunning.” The ad mentions he may be in the company of a white man posing as his slaveholder. Western Spy and Hamilton Gazette, Cincinnati, OH; 24 Nov, 1802

Aug 04

PENDLETON: Second Escape of Bill

Bill, who is about 20 years old, takes his freedom from slaveholder John Mountjoy, on the 2nd of July, 1806. Mountjoy’s property is near the forks of the Licking River in Pendleton County. It’s notable that the ad for his return mentions that he lost his toes by fire when he was small, yet this is his second escape from enslavement. $5 reward is offered for his return. Liberty Hall, Cincinnati, OH; 4 Aug 1806.

Jan 01

PENDLETON: Reverend tried in court.

Rev. John B. Mahan tried in Mason County court for assisting two enslaved people belonging to Mr. Greathouse of Pendleton County, KY.

May 12

HARRISON: Ad for seven runaway slaves.

Mr. Lee, advertisement for seven runaway slaves. One is described: “Fanny the mother of the four children is about 25 years of age, white as most white women, straight light hair” Vermont Phoenix, 12 May 1843

Aug 25

HARRISON: Mass escape.

8 Aug 1848: slaveholders: P. Wherritt, G. Remington, Benson Roberts, W. G. Hedges, John Righter; escape of 40+ enslaved, armed, mention of abolitionists helping, one white man killed in attempting capture, mob gathered in Bracken; 25 Aug 1848 Frederick Douglass’ Papers

Jun 15

PENDLETON: 21 escape to Canada.

Twenty-one enslaved people from the vicinity of Falmouth, Ky, made their escape to Canada. Assistance attributed to Wm. N. Warren of Lockport, Erie, PA. Alton Weekly Telegraph, Alton, Ill, 15 June 1854 p 2

Nov 12

HARRISON: Mass escape.

Fourteen enslaved people escaped from Kenton County, and twelve from Maysville, Western Reserve Chronicle, Warren, OH. 12 Nov 1856

Dec 12

HARRISON: Three freedom seekers and conductor captured.

December: 3 enslaved people; UGRR conductor Thomas Fitzpatrick (Cov/Lex Railroad brakeman); all captured; slaveholders Ashbroke and Garnet; The Liberator, Boston, MA; 12 Dec 1856, p. 3

Jul 09

PENDLETON: Mr. Green and three freedom seekers caught

Mr. Green, a naturalized German national living in Pendleton County was caught assisting in the escape of two women and two children (aged 6 and 10 yrs.) The slaveholders were Mr. Ellis and Mr. Kirby; both lived near Flour Creek. The relationships amongst the women and children is not clear. All were caught in the attempt; the reporter paraphrased that Green was “Doing his duty and would do the same again.” The Louisville Daily Courier, Louisville, Ky; 9 July 1859 p 1

Jul 15

HARRISON: Daniel Jailed.

15 July 1864- Daniel, belonging to Walker Thornton of Harrison County, jailed in Bracken County. Tri Weekly Commonwealth; Frankfort, Ky; 14 Nov 1864 p 3 col 3

Nov 14

PENDLETON: Freedom seeker caught.

Caught in Pendleton! A freedom seeker from Bourbon County named Seely, was committed to the Pendleton County jail as a suspected fugitive. The slaveholder named is Mrs. Foster. Seely is described as about 21 yrs. Old, five feet two inches tall, 120-130 lbs, “yellow” complexion. Ad placed by F. P. Craig, Pendleton County Jailer, on 21 Oct. 1864. Tri-Weekly Commonwealth, Franfort, Ky; Nov. 14, 1864