Eight Freedom Seekers

Frances Aylor and Chasteen Scott, slaveholders, lose a total of eight freedom seekers. From Mrs. Aylor, one man, about 50 yrs old, two women, ages 29 and 19, one girl, 11 yrs old, and three boys, ages 10,5, and 1 yr old. Mr. Scott lost one male, age 20 yrs. The paper reported that a “white boy” hid them in his wagon and took them to Cincinnati, where they disappeared. The slaveholders petitioned the Senate for indemnity for the loss of the slaves. They stated that they were taken in a house in Cincinnati by a woman, and not seen again. 1850 U.S. Census Slave Schedule, The Washington Union, (Washington, D.C.) 13 Jun, 1850; 25 May 1850 Anti Slavery Bugle