CARROLL: Capture of Bartlett

Bartlett, 21 yrs. old, fled the area of Ghent, in Carroll County, and remained on the run for over a week before being caught in Owen County, KY. He was accused of killing his slaveholder, Tabitha O’Neal, during an altercation in the field. After his capture, he was tried for murder and hanged. Louisville Courier Journal, Louisville, KY; 3 Sept 1839

TRIMBLE: Five slaves escape.

5 enslaved people escaped from slaveholder Wm. E. Young of Hunter’s Bottom. Indiana Reveille; Vol 43, No 21, Vevay, Switzerland County, 23 May 1860

TRIMBLE: Sarah escapes; John arrested.

Sarah, enslaved by Charles Henry of Trimble County, escaped with the help of John Robertson, who was arrested. Louisville Daily Courier, Louisville, Ky; 25 April, 1859; p 1

TRIMBLE: Trio escapes.

Three people, a man, woman and child, escaped from slaveholder John B. Floyd of Trimble County. Louisville Daily Courier, Louisville, Ky; 22 June 1855; p 4

TRIMBLE: Reward ad for “Dick.”

$400 reward offered for freedom seeker “Dick” described as “bright mulatto” with goatee and mustache, 5’10”, well dressed. Slaveholder is A.M. Woolfolk, of Bedford. Daily State Sentinel; Indianapolis, Ind. 23 Aug 1855

TRIMBLE: Alfred escapes while leased.

In 1854, Alfred, enslaved to John and Mary Preston, ran away from another slaveholder to whom he was leased. Mary Preston was a friend of Delia Webster, and may have had anti-slavery leanings.

TRIMBLE: Family escape.

Caroline and her children–Frances, 12, John, 7, Amanda, 4, and Henry, 2–escaped from slaveholder George Ray. The family was captured, in Indiana, but rescued by abolitionist farmer Luther Donnell. nkyviews. com/trimble/text/caroline.html

TRIMBLE: Reward Ad for Peter Hood.

Ran away from Corn Creek area, Dec 6 1818- $40 Reward for Peter Hood, described as about 6 ft. tall, bright mulatto; very artful. Slaveholder Shadrach Barns. Area was Gallatin Co in 1819, now Trimble County. Indiana Republican, 23 Jan 1819

OWEN: Reward Ad for Bob.

William Hicks, Jailer of Owen County, placed an ad for freedom seeker named Bob, slaveholder John Mays of Pike County. Route unknown. Daily Commonwealth, Frankfort, Ky; 25 Aug 1862

OWEN: Insurrection panic.

Insurrection reported, “several hundred” slaves arming themselves. Later debunked as panic when citizen saw armed African American soldiers. Caused upset in surrounding counties. The Evening Star And Dial, London, May 24, 1861