CAMPBELL: Reward Ad for Townley

Slaveholder Thomas Bean offered a $100 reward for the return of Townley, who took his freedom while in Campbell County, one mile below Cincinnati (West Covington or Ludlow area). Townley, 21 yrs old, was recently purchased from John I. Estep of Maryland, and it is suspected he may return there (for family?), or he may go to Ohio or Pennsylvania. The slaveholder resides in Prince George’s County, MD, though it’s not clear why Townley was in Kentucky when he escaped. Daily Cincinnati Republican, Cincinnati, OH; 25 Jan 1825

CAMPBELL: Escape of Charles

Charles, described as wearing “a long blue coat with metal buttons, duck trousers and Jefferson shoes, with well-nailed soles,” took his freedom from slaveholder John Thomason of Newport, KY on Feb. 6th, 1814. A reward of $10 is offered for his return. Liberty Hall, Cincinnati, OH, 22 Feb, 1814.

CAMPBELL: Reward Ad for Edmund

Reward for the return of Edmund, who is around 23 yrs old, wears his “temple locks platted” and always carries a knife in his belt. Slaveholder Benjamin Beall, near Flagg Springs, offers $6 for this freedom seeker. Western Spy and Hamilton Gazette, Cincinati, OH; 26 March, 1800

KENTON: UGRR agent accused.

Enslaved UGRR agent “Dennis” and white man John Weaver accused of helping 7 enslaved people escape from Enoch Weaver farm in Independence, all were caught. Dennis was released, Weaver held. Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, Cincinnati, Oh; 9 Jan 1863; p 3

KENTON: Escape from sinking steamer.

Six enslaved to C. Blackburn of Covington, were sold to B. P. Buckner (Boone) and were on a boat to be shipped south on steamer “Cambridge.” The steamer sunk and the enslaved people escaped, presumably. Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, Cincinnati, Oh; 28 Oct 1859; p 3

KENTON: Two freedom seekers return, are caught.

Two enslaved from Dover, escaped 5th March, 1858 to Canada. Slaveholder Robert M. Ingram. They returned to Cincinnati to help more (family/friends?) to freedom and were caught. Cincinnati Commercial, Cincinnati, Ohio; August 27, 1858

KENTON: Walker family escape.

Edward Walker, his brother, sister-in-law and their baby escaped to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Neson family (Hayden, then Thomas, Haden’s son). Other of his family members had earlier escaped. Source: and The Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky; 12 Aug 1894; p 8

KENTON: Two freedom seekers captured.

Angela and Irwin Broadus, to be sold by slaveholder Col. Withers, escaped June 10, 1857 to Cincinati. Hidden in a room No.18, Taft’s Building on Vine above 4th. Room was occupied by W. A. Conolly, editor of the Cincinnati Daily Commercial. Marshalls arrived, one marshal stabbed, Irwin shot, both captured 17th June, 1857. Connoly slipped away.

KENTON: Jane Wayne escape.

Circa 1894 narrative of Jane Wayne of Amherstburg, Ontario: born in Flemingsburg was sold and taken to Covington. Fearing the breakup of her family, she and her three children, with the help of Cincinnati conductor Bob Russell and two unnamed men, escaped enslavement “the year Fremont ran” (referring to 1856 Presidential candidate John C. Fremont) Wilbur Siebert Collection